Profile manufacture

The "Yeisk furniture factory" is a leading manufacturer of profile in the region. One of the questions that you can hear from new customers: "If I buy your profile, how can I be sure of its quality?" The basis of our quality products, among which are the frame profile and MDF profile for facade furniture, is usage of modern manufacturing technologies and precise control of all stages of production. The manufacturing process starts with the frame profile Saws «Holzma» (Germany) CNC. Profiling is done on high-speed milling machines «Weining» (Germany).

Wrapping Profile MDF with decorative films is made on the high-performance machine «Friz».

Whips of finished profile are packed in stretch film, stacked on pallets and packed in corrugated board veneer for safer transportation. Materials for the production of profile and the finished products are stored in a special heated warehouse. Profile is ready for selling at reasonable prices.

For regular customers it is possible to order profiles according to their sketches. Our storage program isregularly updated.


Look at the process of manufacturing in pictures:

Профиль мдф

Мебельный профиль

Производство профиля МДФ