Master Lite Doors system

We suggest fabricated doors with accessories, as called “turnkey” that is mean that the product represent the united door set where each detail is well-considered. You should just insert the door set in the doorway and fix it using special fittings and mounting foam. It can do everyone and door installation will take just 20 minutes. Even if you have not special qualification or experience the result of installation would be excellent. The lock and the door hinge are already fitted to the doorframe.

Advantages of Master Lite system:

1+ You may install the door without assistance and additional fittings that are allow you to save about 3000 – 4000 rubles from each door.

2+ You may install the door in 20 minutes even without experience, whereas usual door requires 6 hours. (it is 18 times faster).

3+ This system not require expensive equipment for installation.

4+ It is easy to carry out installation even in small accommodations.

5+ It is not require experience and physical strength for installation.

6+ The possibility of door damage is eliminated because all preliminary works beginning from doorset trim to assembling are already made with use of robotized equipment.


7+ The process of installation is silent because you shouldn’t use milling cutter and trimmer. All noise stays at factory. It is very actual if you have children or your neighbours are not very patient.

8+ After installation there is not so much dust and waste and you shouldn’t do general cleaning.

9+ You shouldn’t choose between left and right door hinge, decide do you want to install doorstep or not. “Vera” factory decided this problem instead of you, and «Master lite» door set is absolutely universal.

10+ «Master lite» system is allowed in different series, such as Quattro, Classic, Legno, Avangard.

Contact us and we will supply this “turnkey” door sets.

- If you shouldn’t have problems with door installation in your house or flat.

- If you are the owner of some building company, the one worker will be enough to install 20 doors in a day and it will help you to save money and time.

- If you need door sets for tender or government procurement we may guarantee the high quality and short delivery terms.

Our doors are certified.