This section presents the catalog of Chairs made of natural wood. Chairs below can be purchased both in our furniture factory and in stores throughout Russia. Also, the order of chairs is available through our website. In the production of chairs only natural wood is used. Most of chairs are made of solid beech wood, which is very easy to work with. Furniture made of beech looks great. Chairs produced by Yeisk furniture factory are similar to the Italian on the quality of performance.

Wooden chairs have upholstered seats. You can choose cloth upholstery in the catalog of samples. You can also choose the frame and the back of any shape. Comfortable and beautiful chairs with round backrest have won special love of our customers.

Soft wood chairs are suitable for different spaces: kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, as well as for hotels, cafes, restaurants and many others. EMK chairs can be purchased from 1 pc. They are perfect to any room with a classic interior design, they can be used in combination with a dining table or separately. 

Samples of fabrics and wood

Chair "Ruslan 7"
€ 129.00

Chair "Ruslan-2"
€ 69.00

Chair Ruslan-2" (2Н)
€ 62.00

Color : walnut , Italian walnut, cherry , wenge , beech on . white, patina , ivory

Chair " Ruslan - 6 "
€ 89.00


Chair " Ruslan -1 "
€ 59.00

COLOR: Walnut fabric 04 crown coffee ( when ordering more than 100 pieces possible color Italian walnut , wenge )

Chair " Ruslan 7 "
€ 119.00

COLOR : walnut , Italian walnut, cherry , wenge , beech , white, patina , ivory