A banquette is miniature upholstered bench. It was created in 18 century, when required to seat many guests, with furniture that was supposed to be convenient and stylish. Since then banquettes are part of our life, making it beautiful and comfortable.  

Inspite of it's long history the banquette is a modern a piece of interior for comfort and beauty creating. Miniature gourmet banquettes can help to complete interior of living-room, hall, dining-room. Banquettes are popular not only among the individuals but among the organizations too. We offer owners of stores exclusive models of banquettes that can help you to make a solid individual image to your company. It will be convenient for your visitors and clients to try on shoes or clothes using our banquettes. A banquette is an ideal variant for rooms where it is necessary to use free dimension with rationality and make it comfortable for visitors.

Banquettes have geometric simplicity, legs with ornate forms, comfortable armrests and upholstered seat. 

We offer our customers ready-to-buy banquettes and the opportunity to make an individual order, according to which we will make banquettes of the necessary size, using your desired material for the frame and upholstery. You can find samples of fabrics and wood, which we use in the production of furniture, in the catalog on the website or in our office.

Samples of fabrics and wood

Banquette (3)
€ 79.00


Banquette (2)
€ 43.00