Yeisk furniture factory

Production of furniture and interior doors is the main activity of Yeisk furniture factory. Here you can buy high-quality furniture from the manufacturer: dining tables and chairs, systems of interior doors, and all at reasonable and pleasant price. Products of Yeisk furniture factory are made ??on Italian equipment with using of modern technology, then it is carefully polished and delivered to the end customer in the shops.

Furniture from EMK is presented in stores in many cities of Russia. Our furniture factory has its own exhibition hall, where also the sale of furniture and interior doors is carried out. The basic list of products and prices is listed in the catalog.

Furniture for hotels, cafes and restaurants

Stylish and beautiful furniture from the Russian manufacturer may be required for equipment of hotels, cafes and restaurants. We can design furniture individually or use existing classical design of furniture for the interiors of Horeca organizations.

Dining tables and chairs for kitchen, living room and dining room

If you’re in love with classics you’ll be pleased with our furniture compositions and will use them in home decoration. Quiet and respectable image of our furniture will be enjoyed by all connoisseurs and lovers of all ages. Dining tables and chairs will become the center of the classical interior of your dining room, living room or kitchen.

Interior doors

For the convenience of buyers the EMK has developed a special door system with ultra - easy installation. Installation of interior doors now demands less than 20 minutes and everybody, even a child, can install it. Door System Master Lite is available in all product series of interior doors , which Yeisk furniture factory produces.

Traditionally, our furniture factory specializes in the production of interior doors made ??of natural materials. We guarantee the high quality of our products, and maintain good prices.